Attorney Ilya Feoktistov helps the regular guy fight back against the Big Guy. His clients seek to defend their individual rights from the collective institutions that enforce the rules governing their daily lives: governments, employers, schools, unions, banks, commercial vendors, online censors, social media mobs, and any other instruments of social coercion.

Attorney Feoktistov lived his first ten years in the Soviet Union, on the dissolute tail end of Russia’s experiment in woke politics and cancel culture. He believes, in the words of the late Russian dissident Vladimir Bukovsky, “that democracy is not a comfortable house, a handsome car, or an unemployment benefit, but above all the ability and the desire to stand up for one’s rights.” Attorney Feoktistov provides that ability to clients who have that desire.

Attorney Feoktistov earned his undergraduate degree in molecular biology and biochemistry from Dartmouth College and his law degree from Boston University. He came to America on October 12, 1992, precisely 500 years after Christopher Columbus, and celebrates both the man and the holiday with personal pride. In his spare time, he enjoys felling, hand splitting, and heating with firewood—which, as those who do it know, is more of a lifestyle than an energy choice.