Propaganda in Education

Propaganda in Education

“The vigilant protection of constitutional freedoms is nowhere more vital than in the community of American schools.”

The Supreme Court of the United States

Elementary and Secondary Education

Is your child’s school district obsessed with race and racism? Are standards and test scores in the district slipping as a result? Are you afraid that speaking out about it could result in teacher retaliation against your child? Do you even know what your child is being taught?

Across the country, parents report that teachers are injecting crude racial theories into their children’s lessons in every subject, from math to music. Children are told that they have been born into a society that is irredeemably racist; and that the remedy for this is even more racism, in the form of “anti-racism.” Children learn that they are guilty for the sins of their forefathers; but that they may vote a certain way to atone for these sins. They are taught fairy tales about their own biology, that math is racist, and that there is no such thing as objective truth.

As a child of the Soviet Union, Attorney Feoktistov believes that this is child abuse. As a Massachusetts attorney, he believes that the Massachusetts Student Anti-Discrimination Act and other laws make it illegal for Massachusetts public schools to teach simplistic and misleading generalizations about any race, religion, sex, or national origin.

Attorney Feoktistov has significant experience in helping parents investigate, under the Massachusetts Public Record Law, what public schools are teaching their children. He has fought obstruction by the Massachusetts Teachers Union, and by some of the largest school districts in the Commonwealth, in order to find out what their teachers were teaching. If he discovers lessons that violate your or your child’s civil rights, Attorney Feoktistov will zealously help you hold those responsible to account. Contact us today for a free consultation. Free legal services are available for qualifying clients.

Higher Education

Are you a college student whose freedom of expression, assembly, or association has been violated by the administration, faculty, or fellow students? Are you being bullied for your beliefs? Have you been downgraded, disciplined, or even expelled for what you think might be political reasons? Do your class assignments require you to affirm particular ideological beliefs in order to earn a good grade? Is your campus club, sorority, or frat being harassed for being politically incorrect? Is some killjoy Karen threatening to protest your costume party?

All colleges, public and private, are banned by Massachusetts law from threatening, intimidating, or coercing their students into giving up their civil rights. In Massachusetts, these civil rights include the right to party. They include the right to express opinions that many other people may find abhorrent, deplorable, or inflammatory. They also include the right to form or join clubs, no matter how unpopular such clubs may be with other students or the administration. If you and your friends are pro-Israel, pro-life, or pro-Republican—or even if you’re just trying to have fun and avoid politics for a while—you have the right to do so on campus in peace.

If you are a college student, and if you believe that any of your civil rights are being violated, contact us for a free consultation. We can help you turn the balance of power against the administration and the woke student mobs. Free legal services are available for qualifying clients.